Sunday, 3 January 2010

Minor Changes to Blog

I made some changes to this blog over the last few days that I thought I should just make you aware of in case they cause problems.

Firstly, I added "Continue reading this post here" links to each non-trivial post on the home page. I did this to make it more likely that the search engines would index the actual post pages (which wouldn't simply be considered to be duplicates of the home page) and to reduce the overall size of the home page.

Secondly, I re-directed the Atom and RSS feeds through FeedBurner so I can assess how many subscribers the blog has (Blogger seems to provide no intrinsic support for this).

Finally, I abandoned my use of Word 2007 as my Blogger client as was unhappy with the HTML it was producing. I've re-written the HTML for all the previous posts (whilst, hopefully, not changing any of the actual content) and will now seek out an alternate client.

I don't suppose these changes will cause anyone any problems. But I thought I should mention it anyway.

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